a5 imei repair blacklist fix

Remote Samsung Galaxy S7 IMEI Repair Blacklist Fix



**L I F E T I M E   W A R R A N T Y**

Supported Models:
G930T (T-Mobile), G930P (Sprint), G930V (Verizon), G930A (AT&T), G891A (AT&T), G930W8 (Canada), G930G (International), G930C (International), G930I (International), G930F (International)

Windows PC (MAC not currently supported)
Internet Speed Minimum: 10MB down / 2MB up
(Click HERE if you are not sure you meat this requirement)
Stock firmware installed.  No custom ROMS
IMEI must not currently be /00 or null

Knox must be 0x0.

To check this first turn the device off.
Then hold volume down + home + power to get into download mode and hit volume up to continue.  It should show Knox status in the top left corner as 0x0 or 0x1.
0x1 is NOT supported.

Service includes:
IMEI repair on one device
T-Mobile does NOT include a factory unlock!

How to proceed with repair:

  1. Purchase Service
  2. Contact us via text, email, or live chat to schedule your repair
  3. We will send you instructions for repair preparation

Product Description

This service will bring your blacklisted S7 back to life.  After your repair the phone will be usable again on ANY GSM network.

We strive to have all repairs completed within 2 hours of purchase, but depending on order volume it can take up to 12 hours for your repair to be completed.

Our #1 goal is 100% customer satisfaction.  To reassure you of the quality of our work we provide a LIFETIME warranty on all repairs.  Rest assured if you ever have any problems after your repair has been completed just return to us and we will make sure you are given the best after service support in the industry.

Galaxy S7 T-Mobile G930T IMEI Repair, AT&T G930A AT&T G891A IMEI Repair, Verizon G930V IMEI Repair, Sprint G930P IMEI Repair, G930W8 IMEI Repair, G930F IMEI Repair

IMEI Rescue
To The Rescue
Text: 409-263-0042
Google+: IMEI Rescue Google +

Additional Information


G930T (T-Mobile), G930P (Sprint), G930V (Verizon), G930A (AT&T), G891A (AT&T), G930W8 (Canada), G930C (International), G930I (International), G930F (International), G930G (International)

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  1. (verified owner):

    Worked great unblacklisted and unlocked with really good support

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